Free PSP Tubes and royalty free clipart for Paint Shop Pro. Great for graphic and web design!
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Q. Can you help me with HTML?
A: I don't offer HTML tutoring services, and I suggest that you try an HTML teaching site. There are many of them out there. Search for HTML tutorials on Yahoo or Google. If you have questions or problems, however, with a template you downloaded from this site, please write to me.

Q. Can you suggest a HTML editor?
A: There are many good HTML editors. Microsoft Frontpage is one of the easiest to learn, but it's expensive. There are several that you can download online and try for free. I rarely use an HTML editor. I hand code my pages. And I suggest that you learn HTML if you're going to host your own website. It really isn't hard to learn. It just takes a lot of practice. There are many sites out there that teach HTML. Do a yahoo search.

Q. Where do you get your graphics?
A: From Victorian images--postcards, die cuts, and other prints. I retouch my antique images with a special method that I devised. I spend a considerable amount of time and effort, retouching my Victorian images and making tubes.

I also create images using Poser and with other graphics programs such as Paint Shop Pro 9 and Photoshop CS. I use an Olympus E10 for my photos and a 35mm Nikkon camera.

Q. Can I link to your images?
A. No. Please don't do that! I'll have to close the site if bandwidth fees get too high. You can link to the site however.

Q. What is a PSP tube?
A. A PSP tube is a Paint Shop Pro file with a transparent background. It is stored within your Paint Shop Pro tube folder and you can use it sort of like a rubber stamp and overlay it on other images. I highly recommend Paint Shop Pro to anyone who's interested in creating graphics. It's a great program, and you can download a trial copy at If you don't have Paint Shop Pro, there are also programs out there that will convert PSP files to PNG files for use in many other graphics applications, including Flash and Photoshop.

Q. How do I use a PSP tube?
A. Download the PSP zip file. Extract the file to a directory of your choice. Open Paint Shop pro. Browse to the folder where you extracted the tube file and open the file. Click on Export. Save the image in your tub folder. When you want to use the tube, simply click on the tube icon in Paint Shop Pro. It will bring up a selection of all of your saved tubes.

Q. Can I use your tubes to make stationary that I sell?
A. Yes. The tubes and graphics may be used to design and sell nearly anything for profit, including print projects. For more information see the terms of use.

Q. Is Poser hard to learn?
A. Yes. It has a steeper learning curve than Paint Shop Pro, and worst, there are few books on the subject (though there are many tutorials online). Learning to use Poser well (and I have a long ways to go) takes serious dedication. In addition, it takes a lot of money. I've invested many thousands of dollars into Poser models, clothes, etc., but I think it's worth it, because I love what it can do. If you're determined to master the program, I'm sure that you'll also find that it is well worth all of the headaches.

Q. Can I use your graphics to make signature tags?
A. Yes, you can use graphics from the Graphics Gallery, but you must give credit to

Q.. Can I make and sell new web sets out of your templates?
A. Absolutely not. If you license a template, you can customize it however you want and make additional pages out of the materials I've provided to you for your own personal or commercial website, but you can't make and distribute new templates from it. However, you can use the graphics in the Graphics Gallery to make new templates.

Q. Can I use your templates for a commercial site?
A. Yes. You can use it for your own commercial site; however, you can't sell the template

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