Free PSP Tubes and royalty free clipart for Paint Shop Pro. Great for graphic and web design!
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Q.How do I open a zip file?
A: The best way is to download and install Winrar. You must download and install this if you have Vista or your downloaded files will show up as blank or "ghost" files.

After you've installed Winrar follow the instructions below.


Download one (or more) zip files to a folder on your computer and extract it. This can be done with a file extraction program such as Winrar, or you can do it in windows. Here's how:

After you click on the download link, a file download box will come up, and you'll be given a choice to "Open" or "Save" the zip file. Select save. Select a folder on your computer that you'll remember. You'll be prompted after the file downloads. Select "Open Folder." Right click with your mouse and select, "Extract Here." Your zip file is now open and you can access the files for use in Paint Shop Pro.

Any other questions? check my FAQs. If you still can't find the answer, Email me.

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