Free PSP Tubes and royalty free clipart for Paint Shop Pro. Great for graphic and web design!
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PSP Tutorials

Many of these old tutorial links are broken as the sites have been removed by their owners. I'm currently going through all of these links and intend to check each one of them. It's sad that such great tutorial sites have been taken down. I've learned so much from them through the years, and I know that you would have enjoyed them too.
3D Shamrock
3D Sphere
3D Text
3D Text and Images
6-Step Oil Painting
Abstract Frame
Acorn & Oak Leaf
Add Ambiance
Add/Delete Tubes
Add Text
Adding Depth
Adding Sparkles
Adding text
Adding Text
Add Text to Tubes
Address/Gift Labels
Adirondack Chair
Advanced Engraving
Aged Newspaper
Aged Photo
Air Brush Frame
All About Tubes
Almathera Puddler
Alpha Frame
American Eagle
Amore Frame
Angel with harp
Angel Ornament
Animated Alphabet Sig Tag
Animated Tag
Ani Background
Animated Biker
Animated Book
Animated xmas Card
Animated xmas
Animated Sig Tag

Animated Cookie
Animated Curtain
Animated Feather Quill Sig
Animated Fire
Animated Globe
Animated Globe
Animated Gradient
Animated Honeybee
Animated Kaleido
Animated Lake
Animated Lighted Christmas Tree
Animated Lights
Animated Locket
Animated Love Note
Animated ME!
Animated Neon Text
Animated Paint Brush
Ani Self-Portrait
Animated Signature
Animated Spider Tag
Animated Star
Animated Support Banner
Animated Valentine
Animated Tag
Animated Globe
Animated Welcome
Animation Shop Tips
Annika Top Scroll
Another Way of Masking
Antique Book
Antique Glass Frame
Antique Frame
Antique Lantern
Antique Loveseat
Antique Radio 1 & 2
Apple for Teacher
April Showers
April Showers
Aqua Text
Art Deco
Design Twist Background Tiles
Art Deco Design Patterned Tiles
Art Deco Embossed Patterned Background Tiles
Art Deco Glittery Patterned Tiles
Art Deco Sparkle Clover Background
Art Deco Sparkling Jewels Background
Art Deco Textured Flower Design Background Tiles
Art Deco Textured Interwoven Snowflake Patterned Tiles

Art Palette Splash
Arum Lily Frame
Auto paint, rainy day
Autumn Frame
Autumn Greeting
Baby Crib
Baby Frame
Baby's Bib
Background Designs Using Weave Effect
Background Set Using Blinds Texture
Brushes Background
Background Masks
Bad TV Reception
Baking Santa Girl
Balls & Bubbles
Snow Globe
Bang in Frame
Brown Bear
Bars, Bullets, Decorations
Baseball Doll
Basic Animation
Basic Background Tiles
Basic Frame
Basic Interface
Basic PSP Frame
Basic Tips
Basic Train
Basic Vector Text
Baskets of Flowers Basketball
Batch Conversion
Battenburg Lace
Battenburg Lace
Bauble Tubes
Bay Window
Be Mine Tag
Bead Button
Beaded Flower Pattern Tile
Bear Frame
Bear Pic Frame
Bear Pothanger
Bear Sign
Beary Nice Tag
Beary Valentine Sig
Beautiful Bevel
Beautiful Butterfly
Beautiful Butterfly
Beautiful Egg
Bee Happy
Beginning Layers
Beginning with Vectors
Bernard Skater
Bertha Witch
Best Friends
Best Man
Bevel Your Name
Beveled Border
Bezier Bows
Bezier Flowers

Billy Buzzard
Bird House
Birdhouse Boxes
Birthday Bear
Birthday Bear
Birthday Card
Birthday Tag
Bishop's Sleeve Drape
Black Cat
Black and White
Black & White
Black and White Frame
Blade Pro
Blade Pro + Layers
BladePro Presets
Blade Pro Presets
Blade Pro Sidebars
Blenda -Tile
Blended Background
Blended Netted Background
Blended Weave Picture Frame Background
Blending Images
Blending Images
Blending Images
Blinds Effect Frame
Blink & Blend
Blinkie name
Blinkie Sig Tag
Blinking Dolls or Blinking Animals

Blinkies in Any Color
Block 3D Text
Blood Text
Blooming Rose
Blooming Tiles
Blue Frame
Blue Background

Blue Gem Background
Blue Porcelain Frame
Blue Porcelain Tile
Blurred Texture
Bonnet Girl
Bonsai Tree
Boo Bear
Book Cover
Border Background
Border Images
Bordered Background
Bordered Background
Bordered Background
Bordered Web Set
Border Backgrounds
Border Backgrounds
Bordered Buttons
Border Backgrounds
Borders and Frames
Brandy Snifter
Brandy Snifters

Breakfast of Love
Breathing Girl
Brick Wall
Broken Oval Frame
Bronze Beaded Frame
Bronze Navigation Bar
Broom Hilda/Harry
Brush Characteristics
Brush Stationery
Brush Stroked Backgrounds
Brush Tutorial
Brushed Background
Brushed Floral Frame Design Tile Brushed Satin Background
Bubble Background
Bubble Border Background
Bubble Tag
Bugs Bunny
Building a Bunny
Bulletin Board
Bunny Face Hanging
Bunny Flag
Bunny Hanger
Bunny Hug
Bunny & Kitty Tag
Bunny Love
Bunny Porch Decoration
Bunny Tag Animated
Bunny Wagon
Bunny Wall Hanging
Bunny Yard Sign
Burlap Background
Burning Desire Tag
Burning Ember Text
Business Cards
Burst of Color Background
Busy Bees
Butcher's Block Table
Butterfly Collection
Butterfly Tag
Butterfly Woman Tag
Button Mania
Buzz Bee Family
6 Scene Builder
CD Case
CD Graphic
Calling Card 1
Calling Card 2

Calling Cards
Camel Bar
Camera Frame
Camouflage Tiles
Camping Stuff
Candle Frame
Candle Holder
Candle Holder
Candle Holder
Candy Box
Candy Corn
Canned Cowboy
Capture Feature
Capture Feature
Carnival Gift Balloon
Carol Angel
Cartoon 3D Text
Cartoons Photos
Carved Stone Image
Carved Text
Carved Text
Cat in the Hat
Cat Shelf Sitter
Cat Tails with KPT 5
Cat's Eye
Cathy's Red Rose Mask
Celtic Patterned Background Tiles
Center of Attention
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic Trivet
Ceramic Vase
Ceramic Vase
Changing Presets
Character Models
Charles PNG
Char's Note Cards
Charlie Brown
Charming Chapeau
Checkerboard Fade
Checkerboard Fills
Cheer Leader Angela
Child's Nursery
Child's Wall Tidy
Chisel Glass Frame
Chisel Text
Chocolate Candies
Chocolate Bunny
Chocolate Easter Egg
Chocolate Eggs
Chocolate Heart
Chocolate Hen

Chocolate Strawberry
Chocolate Valentine Heart
Christmas Angel
Christmas Bar
Christmas Tile
Christmas Card
Christmas Card
Christmas Children
Christmas Collage
Christmas Deco 2003
Christmas Fireplace
Christmas Girl
Christmas Kitty
Christmas Lights
Christmas Mouse
Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament
Christmas Ornament Advanced Ornaments
Christmas Ornament
Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stockings
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
Christmas Wreath
Chrome Text
Chromes and Reflections
Circle in a Rectangle
Circular Sun Design Patterned Tile Circus Seal
Circus Train
Circus Train Cars
Classic Glass
Clay Pots (new)
Clay Pots (used)
Clay Urns-PSP6
Clean up a Photo
Clean Up Images
Cleaning an Image
Clem Clown
Clipart Animation
Clock from Shapes
Clone Tool
Clone Tool
Cloning Brush Tool
Cloning for Paper Tole
Cloning Tools
Clothes Basket
Cobweb Weave
Background Tile

Coil Clay Pottery Coke Display Case
Collage Graphic
Collage using Layers
Collector Bells
Collector Plates
Colorful Frame
Colonial Fireplace
Color Accent in Gray Scale Images
Color Change
Color Chart
Color Correction
Color Correction
Color Correction
Color Depth
Color Fusion Background Tile
Color Menu
Color Palette
Color Photos into Pencil Sketches
Color Replacer Tool
Color Replacer Tool
Color Swap Text

Colored Tin-Punch
Colorful Beaded Tag
Colorful Border
Colorful Checkerboard Background Tiles
Diamond Tiles

Colorful Holiday Design Tiles
Colorful Muted Diamond Background
Coloring Clip Art
Coloring Color books
Coloring Line Art
Coloring Variations
Colorize Clipart
Colorize a B & W Photo

Colorizing Black & White Photos
Colorizing Photos
Color2 with wood
Color3 with fabric
Colour editing # 1
Colour editing # 2

Colouring Line Art
Column Rose Set
Combining Images 1
Combining Images 2
Combining Masks
Lace Frame
Console TV
Cookie Cutter Text
Cookie Tutorial
Cookin Casey
Cool Tag Tut
Cool Text (ice)
Cool Text Effects
Copper Frame
Copper Plate
Copper Watering Pot
Corner Art Mask
Corner Background
Corner Cabinet
Corner Curl
Corner Frame
Corner Frame
Corner Stationery
Corona-Diamond Seamless Tile
Corona Frame
Correcting Overexposure
Counter Digit
Country Andy
Country Angel
Country Angel
Country Basics
Country Bear
Country Bed
Country Bed Warmer
Country Bellow
Country Bench
Country Berry Tile
Country Birdhouse
Country Bowl
Country Buttons
Country Candy Jar
Country Canning Jar
Country Cat
Country Chair
Country Charm Box
Country Chest
Country xmas Tree
Country Coal Hood Bucket with Shovel
Country Craft Box
Country Credenza

Country Crock
Country Cupboard
Country Cupboard
Country Flag
Country Flower
Country Gingham
Country Gingham Background Plus
Country Grater
Country Grid Frame
Country Hall Seat
Country Handmade Gifts in a Jar
Country Heart Birdhouse
Country Heart Plaque
Country Heart Pocket Hanger
Country Heart Plaque
Country Wreath
Country Hearts
Country Holiday Bow
Country Hope Chest
Country House
Country Hug-A-Heart
Country Jacks
Country Kids
Country Kitten Angel
Country Lamp
Country Milk Cans
Country Mirror
Country Mouse
Country Napkin
Country Box
Country Hanger
Country Plaid Tile
Country Plate
Country Chair
Country Quilt
Country Quilt Rack
Country Quilting
Country Rolling Pin
Country Sack
Country Santa
Country Sheep
Country Sifter
Country Snowman
Country Snowman
Country Stackers
Country Star Hanger
Country Style Fence
Country Table
Country Tater Bin
Country Toy Chest
Country Wallpaper
Country Window
Country Cookie Jar
Country Zig-Zag
Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Hat
Cow Hide
Cracked Tag Create an Award
Create a Candle
Create aDreamScape
Create and Use Brushes
Creating Animated Signature Tags
Creating Cameos
Creating Custom Gradients
Creating an Embossed Background
Creating Dingbat Patterns
Creating/Exporting Shapes
Creating/Exporting Tubes
Creating Links
Creating PSP .pal files with PaletteMaster
Creating Pearls
Create Preset Shapes
Create & save Frames
Creating Selections
Creating a Mask
Creating those Hard to Tile Backgrounds
Creating Tube Trees
Creating Vignettes
Creative Digital Art
Cricket's Quick Silver
Criss-Cross Background
Crochet Chain
Cropping Techniques
Crowning the King
Cruel and Unusual Crying Eyes
Crystal Ball Background
Crystallized Backgrounds
Cubby House
Cube Tutorial
Cuckoo Clock
Cup and Saucer
Cupcake Card
Curing the Jaggies
Curio Cabinet
Curio Cabinet
Curio Cabinet 2

Curio Shelf
Cursor Trailers
Curved Border
Curved Borders
Custom Brushes
Custom Brushes
Custom Brushes
Custom Candy Wrappers
Custom Lines
Cut Glass Signature Ornament
Cute Rocking Horse
Cute Umbrella Boat
Cut Out
Cut Out Background
Cut Out Mask
Cutout 3D
Cutout Effects
Cutout Graphics
Cutout Images

PSP Tutorials

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